Russia called the meta-terrorist organization again Meta | Russia | Facebook

Moscow – Facebook’s parent company Meta has been listed as a terrorist organization by the Russian Ministry of Justice, according to news agency Reuters. The Reuters report quoted a Russian media outlet. This is the latest in a series of moves by Russia against Meta. Last month, META was listed as a terrorist group by the country’s financial monitoring agency Rozfin Monitoring.

Earlier this year, a Russian court criticized Meta for engaging in acts of a terrorist nature. In March, the Russian government banned Meta’s subsidiaries Facebook and Instagram as part of a crackdown on Western social media platforms.

Russia has accused Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg of taking a stand against Russia in the Ukraine war. Pro-Ukraine posts and other things that are widely spread through social media including Facebook have also angered Russia. Facebook and Instagram were subsequently banned and Zuckerberg was banned from entering Russia in April. The petition filed against it was rejected by the Moscow court, alleging that Meta was involved in terrorist activities.

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