Russia: Constitution referendum, yes wins with 77.9% – World

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After counting 100% of the votes cast in the national vote on the amendments to the Russian Constitution, the Central Electoral Commission announced that 77.92% of citizens supported the amendments and 21.27% voted against. Interfax reports it.

I referendum – wanted by Vladimir Putin to legitimize the changes to the fundamental charter and consolidate his political legacy forever – he came to his final stage after a week of widespread voting.

Putin’s Constitution, in addition to allowing the tsar to rule, if he wishes, until 2036 gThanks to the reset of his mandates, he goes far beyond his career in the strict sense and enters the realm of philosophy. Of a conservative sign. Here then is the prevalence of Russian law over international treaties (with good peace, for example, of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights), Russian defined as the mother tongue of the state, the mention of faith in God and marriage understood as a union between a man and a woman. Values ​​therefore, even before management of power. Then, of course, there is also that.


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