Russia continues its covert mobilization and has a new commander

According to the ISW, the Russian State Duma has announced plans to revise an amendment to the Military Service Act, which would allow military officials to offer contracts to young men immediately after reaching the age of majority or graduating from high school. This would avoid the need to go through military service.

Ukraine’s intelligence directorate called it a “covert mobilization,” for which Ukraine cannot wait for the Russians to exhaust their offensive potential.

The ISW also stated that Major General Gennady Zidko has definitely become the current commander of the Russian invasion. His figure appeared alongside Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Sunday and consulted with him during a ground force inspection in Ukraine.

Information that the Russians could have a new commander appeared in early June. Among other things, he recorded the fact that the then commander Alexander Dvornikov was not seen by anyone for at least two weeks.

“No one has seen Dvornikov in the last two weeks, leading to speculation as to whether he is still at the head of a military operation,” he told The New York Times in early June, citing US intelligence sources.

However, other sources, such as the British Ministry of Defense, claim that Dvornikov was apparently replaced by Sergei Surovikin. “Surovikin’s career has been accompanied by allegations of corruption and brutality for more than 30 years,” the British added, adding that Surovikin had been imprisoned at least twice.