Russia continues to meddle in the election campaign to help Trump

According to the New York Times, Russia uses a number of techniques to undermine Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The information comes from a public report provided by US intelligence on Friday.

Russia and Donald Trump received strong criticism for the same in the last election, in 2016.

A report from the Senate, which was published in 2020, supported the intelligence service’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the previous presidential election.

“The committee has concluded that specific intelligence data in addition to open sources support the assessment that President Putin approved and instructed parts of this advocacy campaign,” the Senate said.

China wants it differently

But if one is to believe the report that came on Friday this week, the superpower China will do the exact opposite.

The New York Times writes that the intelligence fears that China will take more aggressive action to influence the presidential election held in November.

– China will continue to weigh for and against what risk they run by getting aggressively involved in the election. The public rhetoric China has shown in recent months is increasingly critical of the US leadership’s handling of the coronavirus. They have also closed the Chinese consulate in Houston, said William R. Evanina, head of the US counterintelligence, according to the newspaper.

Fear interference

However, it is emphasized that Russia is the biggest threat, and that China’s leaders currently appear to be sitting on the fence, without having decided whether or not to get involved.

Ahead of the US election in 2020, foreign states will continue to use covert measures that are intended to affect the result. This by changing the preferences and perspectives of American voters, changing American politics, increasing disagreements and undermining the people’s confidence in our democratic process, Evanina said in a statement.

According to the newspaper, the Democrats have pushed for the intelligence service to publish more concrete information. Many believe that only by showing greater transparency about the foreign attempts to interfere, will the majority of voters be convinced that this is happening.

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