Russia denies its involvement in the attack against Turkish military and sends two frigates to the area

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Since Russia and Turkey managed to rebuild their relations, after the crisis that unleashed the demolition of a Russian plane by Turkish fighters at the end of 2015, they have never been so in danger again. Some world agencies and even several Russian media outlets assumed yesterday that it was Russian Air Force planes that massacred 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib, in addition to wounding another 32.

Today the Russian Ministry of Defense has denied it, assuring that it was Syrian devices that carried out the attack. Yes, justify the bombing in the fact that there had previously been shots from the ground of portable anti-aircraft devices of the “rebels” and that, among these, were the Turkish soldiers.

“According to the information provided by Ankara, in the Syrian region of Behun – where the air raid took place – (…) there should have been no Turkish forces,” notes the note from the Russian Ministry of Defense. In the same statement it is said that “Russian aviation did not act in the bombed area (…) and, after learning about the casualties of the Turkish military, Russia took all necessary measures to stop the Syrian troops from ceasing the fire” .

Meanwhile, the Russian Navy spokesman, Alexei Ruliov, announced the sending of two warships to the conflict zone. “The Admiral Makárov and Admiral Grigoróvich frigates, equipped with Kalibr-NK high-precision missiles, make a planned trip from Sevastopol to a distant maritime zone, where they will join the permanent Russian Navy group in the Mediterranean Sea,” Ruliov said. obvious reference to the eastern Mediterranean.

The two vessels have already participated in operations in Syria. His firings with cruise missiles against Daesh positions appeared in images widely disseminated by the official Russian media. His return to territorial waters of Syria causes fear of an aggravation of the situation, especially given the eventual attitude that Turkey adopts, whose troops began on Thursday night a powerful offensive in Idlib against the Syrian Army.

The Bashar al Assad regime and its Army have the full support of Moscow with field patrols, specialists and armaments. Russia decided to get involved in the war in Syria, in the fall of 2015, to prevent the fall of Assad. But, despite the discrepancies that have always existed with Turkey regarding the Syrian dictator and the plane incident, both countries define themselves as “strategic partners” and try to avoid contradictions. To this end, they agreed in 2018 in the Russian spa town of Sochi a plan to end hostilities in Idlib. The Kremlin now accuses Ankara of having violated that agreement signed in Sochi.



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