Russia First Country Successfully Completes Clinical Trial of Covid-19 Vaccine to Humans

vaksin corona. ©REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo – The lead researcher at Sechenov University, Moscow, Russia, Elena Smolyarchuk, said yesterday the clinical trial of the Covid-19 vaccine to humans has been completed and the results are quite effective.

“This research was finally completed and it was proven that the vaccine was safe. Volunteers will be allowed to go home on July 15 and July 20,” Smolyarchuk who heads the Medical Clinic Research Center at Sechenov University told the office news TASS, Sunday (12/7).

Volunteers will still be under medical supervision after being allowed home.

The first phase of Covid-19 vaccine research at Sechenov University began on June 18 by giving vaccines to 18 volunteers. The second group of volunteers consisting of 20 people were then given the vaccine on June 23.

“Sechenov University successfully completed clinical trials with volunteers for the first vaccine against the corona virus,” Vadim Tarasov, director of the Translational Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine, was quoted as saying by the ANI news agency.

The main purpose of this clinical trial phase is to find out whether the vaccine is safe for humans and the results are successful, said Alexander Lukashev, director of the Institute of Parasitological, Tropical Medicine and Insect Disease at Sechenov University.

“The safety of this vaccine has been confirmed. This is in accordance with the safety of vaccines that are now on the market,” Lukas told the Sputnik news agency quoted by ANI.

“Sechenov University in this pandemic situation not only acts as an educational institution but also as a center for science and technology research that is able to participate in making medicinal products that are compatible with this vaccine,” Tarasov said.

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