Russia | First Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines in Humans Are Successfully Completed | Coronavirus

Russia announced on Wednesday that it had conducted the first human clinical trials of a vaccine against new coronavirus, which will be completed in late July.

The tests, conducted by the Russian Defense Ministry and the research center in Epidemiology and Microbiology Nikolai GamaleyaThey started in mid-June at a prestigious military hospital in Moscow, with a group of volunteers made up mainly of Russian military personnel, but also some civilians.

The first group, of 18 volunteers, “his participation ended and he left the hospital”the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

The main task for this group was to check the safety of the vaccine and the tolerance of the human organism to its components, according to the same source.

The volunteers remained hospitalized for 28 days after the vaccination on June 18, and underwent daily examinations.

During this period, the vital functions of his body remained “within the limits of normality”, without “no serious adverse effect or complication was registered”, the statement assures.

A second group of 20 volunteers, who were vaccinated on June 23, is currently in isolation at the hospital under medical supervision, according to the statement.

Clinical trials of this vaccine are due to be completed by the end of July, he adds.

Russia records 746 369 coronavirus cases and 11,770 deaths from COVID-19, according to official figures on Wednesday.

(Information from AFP)

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