Russia has said how it will react if someone arrests Putin

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a sharp warning to Western countries. If they decide to follow the arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, they will be severely punished. Medvedev also called Ukraine part of Russia, and the world should not expect an improvement in relations in the near future.

Dmitry Medvedev is known for his sharp statements regarding the war in Ukraine. For example, he recently called for the bombing of The Hague. And even in the new interview for the TASS agency, he certainly did not stick to the short story and was not even afraid to threaten the West with war. According to him, this would happen if a country decided to follow the international arrest warrant that was issued for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Just imagine – of course, this situation will never happen, but still – let’s imagine that it did happen. The acting head of a nuclear power comes to, say, Germany and is arrested. What does that mean? A declaration of war against Russia. In that case, all our guns will be aimed at the Bundestag,” the ex-president warned. It was German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann who said this week that Berlin would make the decision He respected the International Criminal Court and would arrest Putin.

Ukraine is a part of Russia, the expresxident claims

In the interview, Medvedev also took a hard line at Ukraine, which he even described as part of “Great Russia”. However, according to him, the West is trying to prevent this great state because it is afraid of it. He literally said that Western countries want to tear Russia apart. “Do they need a country with a huge territory and the strongest nuclear shield, which also does not listen to the Americans? They don’t need it at all,” thinks Medvedev. This is why both Russia and China are said to bother the West.

Because of this, according to Medvedev, the West is trying to divide Russia into small countries, which it then wants to “denuclearize and demilitarize and then offer them its security services”. Medvedev also pointed out that “such countries even have a chance to join NATO, especially if they give away our national resources”.

Improvement of relations in sight

Medvedev also spoke about the future of relations between Russia and the West. According to him, a close rapprochement cannot be expected, for which he blames the current heads of Western countries. “If we’re talking about the next two to three years, well, we may have to communicate with them willy-nilly. But I don’t see much,” he said.

​It is said that the ex-president expects a return to “normal” only when most of the current leaders of Western countries retire. “I assume that the situation will return to normal and that communication will be restored sooner or later. But I honestly hope that most of those people will have retired by then,” said Medvedev.

South African problem

South Africa will soon find itself in a hot situation due to Putin’s arrest warrant. It is to this African country that Putin is scheduled to go to the BRICS summit in August, in which he is to participate as a representative of Russia. Other countries present at the summit will be Brazil, India and China, writes the BBC.

The Republic of South Africa belongs to the countries that recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court. The country therefore has an obligation to arrest Putin on its territory and transport him to The Hague. At the same time, however, she is aware of the diplomatic difficulties that may arise from such a procedure.

Therefore, the Republic of South Africa will resolve the situation with representatives of Russia. “South Africa will have to look at its existing legislative options. We will discuss this in the cabinet and with our colleagues in Russia,” said South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor.

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