Russia in Afghanistan – “Forgot” Russian provocation?

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The question is so incredible that it can only be made in connection with the Trump administration. It is said after a number of sources in various US media reports in recent days that Trump was briefed in writing that the Russian military intelligence organization GRU has paid the Taliban to kill US and British forces in Afghanistan. Trump was notified in writing in late February or early spring, the sources said.

Even Trump writes in a Twitter message Sunday that he was not briefed because the sources were not what he now calls “credible.” From the Trump administration there have been explanations that both contradict and seem to confirm, what Trump says.

But how credible is the memory of a president who barely reads the written notes of crucial events presented to him? Which hardly reads at all, as former national security adviser John Bolton writes in his recently published book about his incredible year in the White House.

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Then the chaos is going on, with Trump’s denials, and a president who has been lied to an average of 23, 8 times every day since he became president. But who still insists on being believed.

So why should one believe in Trump this time? Because he has a weak point against Russian President Vladimir Putin? Because Russia helped the Trump campaign create confusion on social media in the United States during the 2016 election campaign?

Or because Russian intelligence has something on Trump after a visit to Moscow in the 21st century? Something compromising to do with prostitutes in a hotel suite in a luxury hotel, as British intelligence agent Jonathan Steele thought was very likely, at a hearing in the UK House of Commons in 2018?

For why should Wouldn’t a US president be very interested in being informed, or clarifying, that the Cold War enemy is paying the Islamist extremists in the Taliban to kill American soldiers? If it wasn’t for the Russians “having something on” the US 45th president? There it stands while chaos reigns in Washington.

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But during the Trumpian chaos there is a real world. It says, among other things, that Trump has recently been pushing for a ceasefire agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Along with the withdrawal of US forces, a ceasefire should be the foreign policy triumph Trump will present to voters before the November election, since everything else has failed, Iran, North Korea, etc. But about Trump after all – and a number of statements – has a weakness for Putin, then most suggest that Putin has an instrumental relationship with Donald Trump.

Russia’s relationship with the gunpowder Afghanistan has been constantly changing since the catastrophic Soviet invasion of the country in the Roman Christmas of 1979. After the humiliating withdrawal ten years later, the Soviet Union and Russia stayed as far away from the memories as possible. And after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan following Osama bin Laden’s attack in Manhattan in 2001, Russia was the United States’ close ally in the fight against Islamist terrorism. But for the past five years, Putin has challenged American and Western interests where he has been able, and especially in Syria.

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Since 2015 has Russia has had contact with the Taliban at the political level, and the Russians have openly stated that their “objective interests” coincide with the Taliban, because they have a common enemy in IS, the Islamic State, which is also not fought in Afghanistan. Much indicates that Russia and the Taliban are exchanging intelligence, among other things. And that Russia has wanted its stamp on a ceasefire agreement with the Taliban.

GRU is the extreme front of Russian foreign policy. According to British intelligence, their agents took the life of Aleksandr Litvinenko with a nuclear material in 2008, and almost killed the agent and defender Sergej Skripal in 2018, including a chemical weapon. As with these two assaults, the money has been available, and the motives present, for GRU to act, also in Afghanistan. It’s just that Donald Trump, apparently, would rather not know.

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