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Russia in Dismay and desperation when Democrats take over the House in the parliamentary elections

Russian state media are not taking the Wednesday news from America too well.

On state television, reports of US Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives have been described as a "very negative" outcome for the Kremlin predicting "political chaos" in Washington and new sanctions on Russians who are now safe.

In the state media, the experts pointed out that the control of Congress by the new majority party increases the likelihood that new sentences will be imposed. The state TV presenter Yuri Bogdanov emphasized that the sanctions depend only on the results of the interim results, because "Trump does not even want to enforce them".

In fact, the Russians were preparing for the promised "sanctions from hell". Media President Vladimir Soloviev summed up that the Russians should now expect similar measures from the United States in view of President Donald Trump's new economic sanctions on Iran. He also points out that the low margins among the many poll results show the widespread disappointment of Americans with Trump.

State media analysts also forecast that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will soon face charges against Trump, members of his immediate family or other members of his government.

"Expect a storm," warned Victor Olevich, a leading expert on the Center for Actual Politics, on a performance on Russian state television.

During the course of Wednesday, the consternation in Russia was palpable. The state media reported that recent meetings of Kremlin officials with national security adviser John Bolton were futile in light of the interim results, and Vladimir Putin did not have to meet with Trump in Paris during World War I commemoration this week. TV presenter Soloviev commented, "There's nothing left to discuss," as "the sanctions will never be lifted."

The result was no surprise. As the split-times approached, the Kremlin's apparent concern about possible Democratic victories was transferred to the Russian media. With hectic intensity, experts, politicians and experts realized that Trump "is hanging on" and the new majority will be inclined to cut the dangling thread by initiating the process of his dismissal. Media Institute Rossiya-24 said the interim powers were "no less fateful than the presidential election," pointing out that the House House upset was "a big blow to Trump."

Several Russian branches broadcast live coverage of the voting and asked aloud if Trump could be sued soon. State television reporters were sent from America from McAllen, Texas, to Maryland and Washington, DC, to describe the "historical moment". Two Russian MPs traveled to the US as election observers as part of OSCE parliamentarians Mission Mission State TV correspondent Alexander Khristenko said that the interim results will determine the direction that America will take for the next few years: "A choice between isolationism or globalism, defending the rights of minorities or protecting the white majority. " stressed that the bottom line could cost White House Trump.

"Unfortunately, Trump did not reach the level of Abraham Lincoln and did not drive the United States into civil war. That's sad."

Andrey Sidorov, Deputy Dean of World Politics at the Moscow State University

The Russians have many selfish reasons to show such unusual interest in the American elections. As political analyst Evgeny Satanovsky commented on Russia's state radio program Vesti FM, "Trump is a wonderful president for us. Demolishing the transatlantic unit in this way was impossible to achieve or predict. "He quickly pointed out that Russian parliamentarians drank champagne in 2016," not because Trump won, but because Hillary [Clinton] Not. "

More specifically, some officials have publicly considered a sinister "bright side" regarding the possibility of Trump's impeachment.

On the Russian state television channel Evening Evening Vladimir Solovyev and the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science, Vyacheslav Nikonov, stated: "Trump's impeachment would lead to an armed uprising, a revolution and a gigantic economic crisis … America could not survive this "Previously, Andrey Sidorov, Deputy Dean of World Politics at Moscow State University, had on the agenda:" Unfortunately, Trump did not reach the level of Abraham Lincoln and did not drive the United States to civil war. That's sad. Hopefully he becomes Herbert Hoover and at least drives her into a world economic crisis. "

Putin himself laid the foundation for another waiting game. In public statements last month at the Valdai Club in Sochi, he said relations between Russia and the US could improve either after the split time or after 2020 – "he said [Trump] will no longer have to look back on those who benefit from anti-Russian rhetoric. "

The tactic also buys Putin more time with anxious Russians, many of whom are disappointed that he is raising the national retirement age in light of the country's declining living standards. The Kremlin's propagandists continue to blame "Russophobia" and not Putin's catastrophic foreign policy for the economic problems caused by the sanctions. In the Russian media, Trump is still widely portrayed as the pro-Russian force in American politics who would be ready to lift sanctions if he were not restricted by the Democrats and the "deep state".

While the Kremlin is certainly not satisfied with the news from America, the Russian disinformation apparatus remained ready to exploit the situation with its continuing efforts to delegitimize the US election.

When the results of the live polls were forwarded by Russian state media, a number of complaints about alleged violations of voting rights were cleverly included in the coverage. The same theme is already repeated on the Internet by various bots and trolls. Recorded Future, a US-based cybersecurity firm, had prosecuted a network of social media accounts suspected of having a Russian origin and allegedly called for electoral fraud in Texas, Florida and Ohio.

Putin's information warriors will continue to sow the seeds of doubt and division in the West, repeating Trump's deceptive rhetoric and using them to promote the nefarious goals of the Kremlin.


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