Russia in March lost the world leadership in US oil production

Russia in March lost the world leadership in US oil production

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MOSCOW, May 17 – RIA Novosti. The US was in the first place in March in terms of oil production, ahead of Russia, according to the Joint Oil Statistical Initiative (JODI).
Thank you, dear oil. A hundred dollars a barrel does not seem fiction anymore The US in March 2018 produced an average of 10.425 million barrels of oil per day, becoming the largest oil producer. In second place, Russia, which in March produced 10.298 million barrels per day. Saudi Arabia closes the top three with a production volume of 9.907 million barrels per day. Production in Russia, according to the organization, has not changed compared to February, in the US – increased by 1.6% in Saudi Arabia – fell by 0.28%. In February, the daily volume of Russian extraction averaged 10.298 million barrels compared with 10.264 million barrels in the US and 9.935 million barrels in Saudi Arabia.
The volume of Saudi oil exports in March in monthly terms decreased by 1.8%, to 7.122 million barrels per day, in the US – increased by 3.7%, to 1.664 million barrels per day. Data on a similar indicator of Russia JODI does not indicate. In February, Russia exported 5,044 million barrels per day, and in January – 5.434 million barrels per day, the report said.
IEA lowered the forecast for the growth of world oil demand in 2018 Refining at the US refinery rose in March by 4.9% compared to the previous month, to 16.713 million barrels per day. In Saudi Arabia, oil refining increased by 0.2% compared to February, to 2.485 million barrels per day. Refining at the Russian refineries decreased by 1.6% from February, to 5.79 million barrels per day. The second-largest producer of oil in OPEC – Iraq – kept oil production at the level of February at 4.36 million barrels per day, also reports JODI. The export of oil from Iraq decreased by 0.4%, to 3.774 million barrels per day. In Nigeria, oil exports in March decreased by 3.3%, to 1.913 million barrels per day, production – decreased by 3.2%, to 1.945 million barrels per day.

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