Russia is making an “army” of 10,000 autonomous combines

Russia’s EkoNiva and Cognitive Pilot will equip 10,000 combines with autonomous propulsion systems over the next three years, according to specialized publications.

EkoNiva is an agricultural holding company and Cognitive Pilot is a software corporation. These two Russian companies are determined to make a project for autonomous agricultural combines, which claims to be the largest in the world, according to a publication by Future Farming. Together, the two companies will equip up to 10% of the country’s combine harvesters with autonomous propulsion systems over the next three years.

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Under the agreement, EkoNiva will offer the Cognitive Agro Pilot system for autonomous drive of combines. It includes an autonomous drive based on an artificial intelligence system called the C-Pilot.

The combines will operate in a total of 35 regions in 10 climate zones. Covering such a huge area, the two companies will gain in-depth knowledge of further training in artificial intelligence and neural networks, on which their future developments will be based.

Equipping our customers’ machines with Cognitive Agro Pilot systems will make harvesting more efficient and reduce grain production costs for them by 3 to 5%. As we are represented in large parts of the country and manage an extensive network of modern service centers, we will be able to quickly expand the use of artificial intelligence technologies in Russia.“, said Bjorne Drexler, CEO of EkoNivaTehnika-Holding.

The system is designed to work with all brands of combine harvesters. It can be installed both on brand new machines and on the existing fleet of combines already operating in the field.

It is still mandatory to have an operator in the cab during the harvest. However, the system allows the operator to focus more on the quality of the harvesting process and better control the header angle and other settings.

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