The Russian military in strategic exercises are increasingly working out the skills that will be useful to them to start and wage a full-scale war, according to an analysis of the Swedish Defense Research Agency.

Experts say that if earlier the Russian Defense Ministry paid more attention to training on resolving local conflicts, now its regular strategic maneuvers are becoming more ambitious. In particular, they mention the teachings "West-2017" and "East-2018", which was attended by about 300 thousand soldiers.

According to the authors, thanks to intensive training, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have significantly increased their combat readiness and significantly reduced the time of transition from peacetime to performing tasks during the war.

The Russian leadership is preparing to wage regional and probably extended in time wars against strong opponents, such as China or NATO,

believes research leader Juhan Nurberg.

He notes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is directly involved in the inspections of the combat readiness conducted since 2013.

Nurberg added that Russia has muscles, now the main thing is to train the military thinking – “the brain must be constantly kept in readiness”.

Recall, the Vostok-2018 teaching was held in September 2018. About 300 thousand soldiers of the Eastern and Central military districts, the Northern and Pacific fleets, as well as the Airborne Forces and transport aircraft were involved in it. Units from China and Mongolia also took part in the maneuvers.



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