Russia is preparing to strengthen its armed forces in the face of NATO’s “growing activity” at its borders

Russia announced on Wednesday November 24 its intention to strengthen its armed forces in response to “growing activityOf NATO at its borders, against the backdrop of tensions between Moscow and the West over Ukraine.

«The difficult military and political situation in the world and the growing activity of NATO countries near Russian borders make it necessary to continue the qualitative development of the armed forces.“, Declared the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Choïgou, quoted by the public agency Ria Novosti. According to him, these include “increase their combat effectiveness, maintain the combat readiness of nuclear forces and enhance the potential of non-nuclear deterrents».

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New tensions in an already stormy climate

Sergei Choïgou underlined the ongoing modernization of the Russian army, in the process of being equipped with “high precision weapons, effective means of destruction, modern weapons and equipment“. Russia has not ceased for years to denounce the deployment of NATO troops at its borders and the ambition of countries that it considers to be part of its sphere of influence – Ukraine and Georgia – to join the Atlantic Alliance.

The announcements come as tensions remain high around the conflict in Ukraine, where Kiev forces have been fighting pro-Russian separatists in the east since 2014. Several Western countries have recently expressed concern about movements “unusualOf Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. These accusations have been qualified “hysteriaBy the Kremlin, which denies any bellicose intention.

Russia has been engaged for years in a costly plan to modernize both nuclear and conventional forces. She boasts of having developed new weapons according to her “invincibles”, Such as the Avangard and Zircon hypersonic missiles.