Business Russia: Medvedev has submitted the resignation of his government

Russia: Medvedev has submitted the resignation of his government


It was unexpected. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday presented President Vladimir Putin with the resignation of his government. A surprise announcement after a speech by the Head of State announcing a reform of the Constitution.

“We, as the government of the Russian Federation, must empower the president of our country to take whatever action is necessary. This is why […] the government in its current composition is resigning, ”said the Prime Minister of Russia in remarks broadcast on television.

The President thanked his outgoing Prime Minister and his ministers, asking them to dispatch current business until the appointment of a new team. "I want to thank you for all that has been done, to express my satisfaction for the results obtained […] even if everything did not succeed," he said.

Changes that change "the balance of power"

Dmitry Medvedev, a close friend of Vladimir Putin's relatives, said he was resigning following the president's decision to make "fundamental changes to the Russian constitution". These reforms modify, according to him, the “balance of powers” ​​executive, legislative and judicial.

Vladimir Putin on Wednesday proposed a series of constitutional reforms to strengthen the powers of Parliament, while preserving the presidential character of the political system he has been piloting for twenty years.

The main measure announced aims to strengthen the role of Parliament in the formation of government: it gives it the prerogative to elect the Prime Minister whom the president will then be "obliged to appoint". Currently, the Duma confirms the choice of the head of state.

Russia "ripe" enough for change

According to Vladimir Putin, this is a "significant" change for which he judged Russia to be "ripe". The two chambers of parliament are currently dominated by pro-Putin forces and never oppose the wishes of the Kremlin.

These announcements, during the Russian president's annual speech to Parliament and the political elites, fueled questions about his future after 2024, at the end of his mandate, when he never put forward a successor. nor expressed his intentions.

Dmitri Medvedev served from 2008 to 2012 as Russian President, Vladimir Putin having had to cede the Kremlin for a term due to constitutional restrictions, taking over the head of government. In 2012, the two men switched roles.

Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that he would offer his loyal colleague the post of vice-president of the Russian Security Council, a body chaired by the head of state.


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