Russia pushes French wheat out of Africa


There were warning signs, and the very poor wheat harvest in 2016 in France only added to the process. Slowly, wheat from Russia takes the place of French wheat in Africa. Only country that resists, Algeria, where the specifications are not compatible with Russian wheat.
France, your wheat leaves the camp. Thanks to the volumes produced, Russian wheats have become the world reference. Their quality continues to grow, and thanks to the size of the farms, their cost price is 30% lower than French wheat. As a result, while the marketing year for wheat harvested in 2017 is coming to an end, FranceAgriMer estimates that the quantity of French wheat sold in countries outside Europe, mainly in Africa, is 6 million tonnes, compared with nearly 10 million tons two years ago, certainly a record year in terms of production. “After the bad harvest of French wheat in 2016, Russian wheat had the opportunity to enter our market. We tried it, we found that it entered our specifications. Since then, we are working 100% with Russian wheat ” , testified Imad Talil, Senegalese group Olam, at a recent symposium organized by France Export Cereals in Paris. No regrets so, this is the business. The price and protein content of Russian wheat did the rest. Only Algeria, the first outlet outside Europe of French wheat, is resisting. Not because of nostalgia, but for a reason of standards regarding the protection of grain against weevils. An import ban that can not last. “We must relativize the history of worry or decline of France in these markets,” reacts to AFP Sébastien Abis, associate researcher at Iris. For this specialist of agricultural raw materials, “France remains around the Mediterranean one of the nations that contribute to the food and grain balances of these countries highly dependent on international markets” . North Africa and the Middle East account for 4% of the world’s population, but close to 35% of the world’s wheat imports. A priori therefore, and because of the rise in consumption, there is room for everyone provided that France does not leave a game deemed less fundamental in France than in Russia.


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