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Russia reaches a new low in its war of words

Former Federal Security Commissioner Konstantin Lapin said in a documentary by REN TV, a media company run by former Russian gold medal winner Alina Kabaeva, a seemingly new partner of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The slander campaign follows allegations by Novichok poisoners Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov that they traveled to Salisbury last March to see the sights of the city of Wiltshire.

Lapin spent time in a high-security prison with Skripal, 67, convicted of treason for Britain for treason. He claimed that he had become aware of "strange rumors" about Skripal and added, "I can not give you any evidence." He made a sick accusation that this newspaper did not want to repeat.

Lapin described his former cellmate as a "faceless man," adding, "He was present everywhere, but nowhere, it's typical of all spies, he was an intelligent man, that's true, he could speak two or three languages."

Skripal was pardoned by the Kremlin before being exchanged with Russian spy Anna Chapman in a Cold War exchange in 2010.

He and his 34-year-old daughter are recovering in Britain from the horrendous chemical weapons attack that nearly killed them.

British mother Dawn Sturgess died after accidentally spraying herself with perfume but was in truth a discarded poison bottle found by her partner Charlie Rowley, who is still suffering from the poisoning.

The REN TV documentary sought to deny that Petrov and Bochirov were gay – as many believe after their appearance on Kremlin's online channel Russia Today.

The bioweapon expert Igor Nikulin insisted that it was impossible for the couple to go to Salisbury and spray the nerve cells without killing "at least half of the local population." Alexander Pokrovsky, a military chemist, said that if the attack had been unleashed in the manner suggested by Britain, they would have been "dead before being hospitalized."

Former Skripal classmate and friend Vladimir Timoshkov said he talked to him on the social media before the attack, claiming the Russian expressed regret that he had worked as a double agent for the UK.

He said, "Of course he deeply regretted everything, saying," If only I could change everything, I would have behaved differently. "British officials have labeled the Novichok suspect's TV appearance as" ridiculous "and blamed Russia the entire episode "with disguise and lies".

Former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson branded the two Russian "tourists" murderers and told them to sue him if they denied it.

In the meantime, Swiss prosecutors are investigating whether Russian agents were trying to hijack the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Attorney General said yesterday, and expanded the scope of alleged espionage against institutions in Switzerland. Criminal proceedings were initiated in March 2017 on suspicion of political espionage, according to an OAG statement.

"As part of this process, the OAG could identify two people," it said. The OAG said the individuals were the same couple identified by the Swiss intelligence service, who said it had thwarted a Russian plot against a Swiss laboratory used to test nerve agents like Novichok.

Swiss media said the WADA offices and the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne had both been targeted.


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