World Russia strengthens its ties with Mexico with economic support...

Russia strengthens its ties with Mexico with economic support and in the fight against drug trafficking | International


The “productive” visit of the Russian Foreign Minister to Mexico confirms the good relations between the two countries, which will be implemented in economic and social measures throughout the year. Sergey Lavrov has met with his Mexican counterpart, Marcelo Ebrard, and in the subsequent press conference has reported that the economic commission detained since 2011 will resume again. “We are waiting for proposals from Mexico to see where Russian companies can contribute in a useful way,” he said. In addition, it has expressed the intention of both countries to strengthen ties in all areas and at the “highest level”, including the fight against drug trafficking.

The relations of Russia and Mexico already celebrate 130 years of diplomatic exchange and the collaboration wants to relaunch now, also in the citizen order. The Russian Foreign Minister announced Thursday that visas will be relaxed to increase the flow of visitors. “The number of Russian tourists in Mexico has increased and now with visas it will be even better,” he said. He has talked about scholarships for students and about renewing the commission for educational, cultural and sports matters. He has practically mentioned all the productive sectors. “Russia is interested in Latin America and the Caribbean being an important center of the world order,” Lavrov said, after remembering that Mexico is, after Brazil, its second partner in the region.

The commercial exchange between Mexico and Russia is close to 2,000 million dollars a year. Globally, Russia ranks 46th among countries with investments in Mexico. In return, important Mexican companies have long-term investment projects in that market, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said.

The visit of the head of Russian diplomacy began on Wednesday in Cuba and ends this Friday in Venezuela, where the president will receive him, in a gesture that is interpreted as an explicit support to the Government of Nicolás Maduro. Asked about it, Lavrov has assured that his approach is common with Mexico, respecting the sovereignty of that country and its commitment to non-intervention. Only peaceful measures. The foreign minister has adhered to the international rules of non-interference between countries and advocated “the dialogue between the Government and the opposition.” “We see no more measure of support for the legitimate Government of Venezuela than maintaining economic ties.”

Just 24 hours earlier, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó had received warm support from Donald Trump in the White House. “Only Venezuelans can solve their problems,” Lavrov repeated, although he has pledged to help them along that path as he has denounced “attempts to provoke intervention by force.” “The dialogue must be without preconditions, a position we share with Mexico,” he said. “It’s not just about Venezuela, the principles of the International Trade Organization are undermined by the US Administration.” And he has accused the United States of pretending that the entire western world concerns him exclusively. “They must work multilaterally,” he suggested.

Back to Mexican affairs, Lavrov has mentioned “good energy prospects” and collaboration in “construction, ships, pharmacy, railroads, agriculture” and advances in the “military technical” field. To seal all these good prospects, the Russians will send a good representation of their country to the Guanajuato Cervantes festival in October, and Marcelo Ebrard has also been invited to visit Russia.

Mexico has already received the support of all Latin American and Caribbean countries to be part of the United Nations Security Council. Is Russia willing to lend its support? “It is a leader in the region and has a very good reputation in its international approaches and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Nothing stands in the way of supporting Mexico’s candidacy for 2021-22. We will cooperate closely. ”

The visit to Latin America of the Russian minister, which is preceded by some meetings in international organizations, reinforces the traditional ties with this region, which Lavrov has defended by appealing to “the instinctive dignity of the countries of the region after their independence”, to time that has rejected the “fairy tales” of those who accuse Russia of being behind the crises in Latin America. “A more serious analysis is needed. Russia does not make friends to go against others ”and has accused the United States of always trying“ to put all the interlocutors against blackmail and pressure against Russia ”.



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