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A student killed this Monday six people and injured 28 others in a shooting on the university campus of Perm, in central Russia, before being injured and detained by the police.

Russian president Vladimir Putin he lamented “a great misfortune for the whole country”, and asked the forces of order to clarify the motivations of the attacker. “No words erase the mourning for these losses, especially when it comes to young people,” he added.

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According to recorded images of the attack, a man dressed in black and wearing a helmet walked with a rifle in his hand through the university campus of Perm, in this city of the Urals.

“A student who was in one of the university buildings (…) opened fire on the people around him,” the Russian Investigative Committee, the body in charge of the country’s most important cases, said in a statement.

According to the local press, the deceased persons are a man and five women, including a student who wanted to be a math teacher and a 66-year-old retired doctor who went to visit his grandson at the university.

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The author was “injured during his detention as he resisted,” the committee also indicated. In videos posted on social networks, students are seen fleeing the shooting and jumping out of the windows on the first floor of a university building.

The assailant, whose identity was established but not disclosed, entered the campus around 11 am (local time in Russia), according to the university’s press service.
The first Minister Mikhail Mishustin, as well as the ministers of Health and Education, were sent to Perm, according to Russian news agencies.

Shootings at schools or universities were rare in Russia, where gun control is tight, but have become more frequent in recent years.

President Vladimir Putin has denounced it as a phenomenon imported from the United States and a perverse effect of globalization. The last such event was on May 11, 2021, when a 19-year-old man opened fire in his old school in Kazan (southwest) and killed nine people.

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That same day, Putin ordered a review of the regulations regarding the authorization to carry weapons, since the author of the attack had permission to use a semi-automatic weapon. In October 2018, a student killed 19 people before committing suicide at a high school in Kerch.

The authorities claim to have dismantled in recent years dozens of plans to attack educational centers, usually by adolescents. In February 2020, the security services arrested two young men, born in 2005 and of Russian nationality, who were very active on different websites advocating murder and suicide. According to investigators, they were planning to attack a school in Saratov (southwest), on the banks of the VolgaAFP

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