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Russia – Switzerland – 5: 2, Eurochallenge, 04/18/2019, match report

Russia - Switzerland - 5: 2, Eurochallenge, review

Pavel Panyshev
Pavel Panyshev

Photo: RIA News

Russia impressed before the World Cup. What will happen when our stars arrive?

Switzerland did not cause any problems young team Ilya Vorobyov.


The Russian national team has begun active preparations for the World Hockey Championship. Bye team Ilya Vorobyov have to do without the players of CSKA and Avangard, who continue to fight for the Gagarin Cup. Not in the star forward team Ilya Kovalchuk – he will arrive in the national team only at the weekend. Absent Nikita Kucherov, Andrey Vasilevsky, Mikhail Sergachev, Evgeni Malkinwhose clubs recently flew out of the Stanley Cup. Nikita Gusev and Vladislav Gavrikov on the contrary, they just went overseas by signing contracts with Vegas and Columbus.

Kucherov, Malkin and Vasilevsky are free for the World Cup! Who will come to the Russian national team?

Ilya Vorobyov was very lucky that Tampa and Pittsburgh flew out of the Stanley Cup. Many problems with the composition will be solved.

Magnificent pass from Barabanov

The first period of the match held in Sochi began with a clash between Yelesin and Come. Before the fight did not come (we know very well how Elesin can fight), but the Russian arbitrators Oskirko and Naumov decided to send both hockey players to the box for penalty box.

A good moment for a goal was Kraskovskyrolling out the gate Berra. But Paul's throw from an uncomfortable hand did not work out efficiently – the goalkeeper successfully fixed the puck. Soon after, Sergeyev kissed from the blue line and played great in the playoffs for Salavat. Berra was on the alert again.

Opened the score Zhafyarov. Magnificent pass from behind the gate in the performance Barabanova could not end with a goal. Damir just had to miss the puck.

I almost hit the gate Georgieva guest forward Mullerputting a stick on a nickle. But the goalkeeper of the Russians was still not destined to play zero. Bertagia broke into the zone, threw out from under Sergeeva and sent the puck into the net with a biting throw.

Leaving for a break, leading to the score of Russia, helped remove the opponent. Won in a stranger's throw-in, pass to Hafizullin and a great throw of the defender – 2: 1 on the scoreboard.

Berra's blunder

In the second dvadtsatiminutke Russia again began active rival. Each player from the team Ilya Vorobyov I wanted to prove myself, to do my best. The doormen were visibly nervous. For example, in one of the shifts, the guests made a violation of the numerical composition, having appeared on the ice with the six of them. The judges are instantly noticed.

Tried to Yakupov, the champion of the Universiade did not fall out of the cage Yakimov. One-on-one in the performance of Switzerland neutralized Georgiev. The first removal of the Russians shlopotal Korshkovwho hit an opponent with a club. Russian national team was a good idea to train a minority. As a result, Kraskovsky with Golyshev almost ran away together for one goalkeeper. Pavel decided to quit on his own – Berra played a great game with flaps. The fight in front of the gate Georgiev organized Korshkov. Nobody dropped the gloves, but the situation on the ice was constantly heating up. As a result, Egor and Loeffel sent to cool the heat for two minutes.

At the end of the period with the next most Carpenters gave Barabanov pass into touch, Alexander powerfully threw at close range and made the score 3-1. The combination was played like a note.

The Swiss, it seemed, finally fell down. Berra grossly mistaken for his goal, the puck was on the coin, where Alekseev no problem sent the puck into the net. Swiss goalkeeper smiled. He himself understood perfectly.

19 seconds before the siren to break the double designed Bertagiy, again forced to capitulate Georgieva. Throw at the Swiss turned out luxurious, the puck flew just under the crossbar.

Carpenters live in the role of captain

The third period began with the score 4-2 in favor of Russia. It was interesting how the team of Ilya Vorobiev will continue to operate on the ice. Immediately grabbed a small fine Lyubushkin, the rival did not stay in debt – removal earned Corvy.

Russians felt confident playing with a margin of safety. Half of the period passed quickly, the bill did not change. He took a lot of initiative Carpenters, released on the game with the captain's patch.

Instead of recouping, the Swiss continued to retire. Shortly before the siren, the coaching staff of the guests still tried to save the meeting and replaced Berra on the sixth field player, but in the end Golyshev threw the fifth puck.

5: 2 – with that score Russia beat Switzerland. Young team Ilya Vorobievand not experienced any problems. What will happen when all the main Russian stars come to the team?


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