The bearer of the homemade bomb was killed in the blast and three other people were hospitalized. An investigation was opened for "terrorist act".

"An explosive device detonated." A teenager blew himself up on Wednesday (October 31st) in a local branch of the Russian Security Services (FSB) in the north of the country, according to authorities who opened an investigation for "terrorist act". "One person was killed and three others hospitalized" said a spokesman for the governor of the Arkhangelsk region. The Investigative Committee, a Kremlin-dependent body, identified the deceased victim as "a 17-year-old local resident who introduced an improvised explosive device into the building ".

According to the National Counter-Terrorism Committee, the events occurred at 8:52 am (local time) at the entrance of the building that houses the regional branch of the FSB, the heir to the Soviet KGB, in Arkhangelsk, a town some 1,000 kilometers away. north of Moscow at the edge of the White Sea.

"According to the first information, the person who entered the building took an unidentified object from his bag and exploded in his hands, causing him mortal wounds."said the organization in a statement. The Committee posted on its Twitter account a photo taken from CCTV footage showing a young man with short hair, in a black coat, in the lobby of a building, his hand in his backpack.

Investigations are currently under way to establish all the circumstances of this crime. Witnesses are questioned, "Expertises have been ordered"said the Investigation Committee. Attacks on the police or security services are rare in Russia, except in the predominantly Muslim North Caucasus, where authorities face Islamist rebels.


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