Russia to scrap old planes

Russia makes 11 obsolete aircraft available to three airlines.

The Russian government is paying state-owned United Aircraft Corporation 14.5 billion rubles, or about 270 million euros, to restore the airworthiness of 11 aging aircraft. This concerns eight Tupolev Tu-204s and Tu-214s, two Ilyushin Il-96s and an Antonov An-124. During the refurbishments, the intention is to also modernize the systems.

The aircraft will be made available to three Russian airlines, business magazine reported Knowledge. The Tupolevs will fly to Red Wings from 2024. The low-cost airline currently flies Sukhoi Superjets, three Boeing 777s and one leased Tupolev Tu-204. Both Il-96s will be included in the fleet of Aviastar-Tu Airlines. Finally, Volga-Dnepr will receive the Antonov An-124, a type of which the company already has several.

Impact of sanctions

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Western countries have taken drastic sanctions, which hit the aviation sector in Russia hard. Now that the sanctions have been in force for a longer period of time, the export ban on aircraft parts is particularly problematic for Russian aviation. The ban includes necessary parts for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, among others, and thus has a significant impact on the operational condition of the fleets, which largely consist of Western aircraft. That is why Russia recently announced that it would invest billions in its own aviation industry, in order to start its own aircraft production. With more domestic aircraft production, the country hopes to make itself considerably less dependent on foreign countries in the long term. In the short term, however, it does not solve anything for the Russian airlines.

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