Russia will attack Mariupol in January, – Head of the GUR of Ukraine Kirill Budanov – News November 22, 2021

Ukrainian intelligence continues to record the build-up of Russian troops at the borders and predicts an attack on Mariupol and Odessa in late January or early February 2022.

This was announced by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov during an interview. Military Times.

According to Budanov, there have already been accumulated 100 thousand Russian military and military equipment. He openly says that if the Russian Federation goes into an attack on two coastal cities, it will use all its combat power: landing force, artillery and aviation.

The head of the GUR said that at the Zapad-2021 exercises, the Russian Federation showed the ability to simultaneously use more than 3,500 soldiers during airborne and special operations and use missiles Iskander.

According to Kirill Budanov, the military operation of the Russian Federation will begin after a series of psychological attacks and the organization of destabilization in Ukrainian cities.

“They want to stir up unrest over protests and rallies that show that people are opposed to the government,” he said and added that Russia is using any protest mood in society, including the campaign against vaccination from COVID-19 to embroil Ukrainian society. The situation on the border between Belarus and Poland is part of a general plan to undermine the situation in the world and in Ukraine.

“They want to make the situation inside the country more dangerous and difficult and create the preconditions under which we must change the government,” he said. Kirill Budanov.

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