Russia will soon become the top source of tourists to Cuba

Tourists in Cuba. (Source: plenglish)

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko has expressed his desire to make Russia the main market of Cuban tourism with about 500,000 tourists visiting this Caribbean island each year.

At a meeting with Cuban Tourism Minister Juan Garcia Granda, Mr. Chernyshenko believed that Russia would soon surpass Canada to become the top source of tourists to Cuba.

For his part, Minister Granda said that Russia is ranked 4th in the list of main markets of the country Cuba travel. 178,000 Russians visited Cuba before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The head of the Cuban tourism industry also expressed his wish to welcome more than 200,000 visitors Russian tourists to this country this year.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed measures to increase the number of tourists, stimulate investment and support to improve the quality of staff in the industry.

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the policy visa-free between the two countries is currently in effect, allowing stays of up to 90 days every 180 days. Chernyshenko added that the friendly relations between the two peoples and the resumption of flights could become a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Chernyshenko announced President Vladimir Putin’s directive to resume regular air service with Cuba from July 1.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Chernyshenko affirmed that Cuba is an important partner of Russia in Central America and it is completely reasonable that the two countries expand economic ties in all fields.

According to Chernyshenko, Moscow is coordinating the way Russian banks work in Cuba and is promoting projects to provide a payment method in rubles in the country.

From March this year, Cuban ATMs began accepting cards from the Russian MIR payment system.

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Earlier in January, Titov Boris Yurievich – an adviser to President Vladimir Putin on the rights of businessmen, pointed out that Russia’s relations with Cuba “have always been productive and very close”, and affirmed the two The party has advanced to “a new phase.”

According to Yurievich, the two sides have conducted many active exchanges at the level of intergovernmental committees (Cuba-Russia), various ministries, organizations and the business community at the proposal of the two sides. President Putin aimed at developing bilateral relations in all aspects.

Russia and Cuba have just activated a series of joint projects in Cuba, notably the project of modernizing the Antillana Acero steel plant, increasing efficiency at the Boca de Jaruco oil field, restoring the Santa Clara Mechanical Plant and bringing the Santa Clara Mechanical Plant back to life. inaugurated the Kamaz Equipment Diagnostic and Maintenance Center in Mariel Special Zone, west of Havana.

In addition, the Russia-Cuba Intergovernmental Committee has recently made progress in promoting projects in transportation, energy, bio-pharmaceutical industry, tourism, food production. , finance-banking and increased Russian investment in Cuba under the National Development Plan to 2030.

Earlier, the Russian Economy Ministry said that the Cuban government had expressed interest in importing fertilizer, fuel and wheat from the country.


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2023-05-22 05:59:52