Russian army crosses river and destroys battalion in Ukraine attack

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

The Times reported that Russian troops on the Eastern Front of Ukraine were attacked by Ukrainian forces during Operation Doha, killing nearly battalion-level troops.

It is estimated that Russian forces lost 73 tanks and armored vehicles and between 1,000 and 1,500 men while crossing the Sibersky Donets River on the 8th, the newspaper said.

The Ukrainian military made such an estimate based on aerial photos, etc.

In the video, the appearance of the destroyed floating bridge was also confirmed.

This river, which connects southern Russia and eastern Ukraine, is considered one of the natural barriers to slow the advance of cavalry units.

The Times reported that the attack, which involved artillery and air strikes, was one of the fiercest battles of the war and severely damaged Russian forces seeking a meaningful victory in Donbas.

The history of the Ukrainian army was the result of foreseeing the movements of the Russian army in advance.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army had foreseen that Russian forces had crossed the river to besiege Lisichansk and Severodonetsk in the Donbas region while simultaneously attacking Lehman in the west.

The Ukrainian tank brigade noticed that Russian troops were gathering on the Russian side of the river and attempting to cross the river, and an explosives disposal team patrolled the area on the 7th day before the attack and found an area where a floating bridge would be built.

The Russian army, which started moving the next day, hid its movement with smoke from burning fields and forests, but the Ukrainian army, who was on a vigilant stance, fired Japanese artillery fire using howitzers and air power.

More than 50 Russian military vehicles that crossed the river before the floating bridge collapsed were also exposed to the attack and stranded.

“After a day of fighting, the bridge collapsed and some Russian troops lost their way and were isolated on the Ukrainian side of the river,” said Maxim, an officer of the Ukrainian Army’s explosives disposal squad. “They launched this massive attack and destroyed the rest of the troops and even the bridge they were trying to build,” he said.

Military experts analyzed that the number of casualties may have been due to the concentration of Russian troops in Doha.

Currently, the Russian military is said to be holding positions on one side of the river.

They can carry out the operation even if they lose three-quarters of the battalion’s vehicles, experts analyzed.

A US Department of Defense official said at a briefing, “Due to Ukraine’s rugged terrain, we believe that the Russian ground forces in the Donbas region are still slow and inconsistent.”