Russian cars are starting to prosper here again. However, they require special care

The offer of cars that are made in Russia and also have the manufacturer’s logo from this country is currently surprisingly wide in our country as well.

Hunters, travelers, firefighters, municipalities, but also mining companies. Such customers, in particular, are currently buying Russian cars, although they are aware that many decades have passed since these cars were built on the boards. Interest in them did not decline even during the coronavirus epidemic, on the contrary, sales sales last year, in contrast to the previous year, increased by tens of percent. Even this year, the numbers in sales statistics will most likely be higher than those for 2020.

You can look at the current models of Russian carmakers that are currently offered by us in our photo gallery.

“In many cases, people are grateful that the Ladu Niva is powered by an atmospherically filled four-cylinder petrol engine with a volume of 1.7 liters, which has only the bare minimum of electronics,” explains Jan Majurník from Their maintenance and possible repairs are therefore easy.

These companies import cars from Russia, ensure their homologation also for dealers from other countries, and make adjustments to them. “Some are necessary for legislative reasons, others require customers,” explains Majurník.

For example, locks are fitted to the door in front of the fuel filler neck, the software in the control units is readjusted so that the cars meet the current emission standard in the European Union and, for example, the UAZ 2206 (better known as Buchanka) sharp edges and rework turn signals. “Yeah, and we also disassemble and reassemble their transmissions. There really is a big difference in the driving performance of this car the moment we bring it from Russia and before handing it over to the customer,” says Majurník. An immobilizer is then built into the classic Niva (there is also a slightly more modern “rounded” Niva Travel).

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Attention to the cut

Although, according to him, the anti-corrosion treatment of Russian cars (especially in Lada) has improved in recent years, the company’s technicians in the area in Radíkovice, East Bohemia, recommend that customers have anti-corrosion spraying of the chassis and cavities made by them. This is necessary mainly because their owners are much more often than in the case of owners of cars of other brands, they take to the real terrain. In addition, this protection must be renewed every few years.

Of course, this does not apply so much to Lady road models, but they are sold only minimally here. The waiting time for the delivery of the ordered car varies from less than four to nine months, depending on the equipment and type of car. “You will wait the shortest for Lady, the longest for UAZs,” adds Majurník. In addition, the company also imports GAZ models and Kamaz heavy trucks. “We can also import really special versions. For example, amphibians,” he informs.

Top versions of some models can also be relatively well equipped. Specifically, Lada Niva Travel, which is currently in the editorial office in the highest Luxe-offroad equipment (for CZK 505,000) in air conditioning equipment, heated radio seats with navigation and, of course, a number of things that ensure above-standard terrain. That is, off-road tires, elevated air intake, reduction gearbox and permanent all-wheel drive.

Authorized services for these cars currently exist in the Czech Republic in about forty locations.

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In the future, the offer of Russian off-road vehicles is to be further expanded. “We are also counting on the import of the modernized Lady Niva Bronto, which is an even more terrain-oriented variant of the three-door Niva,” concludes Majurník.