Istanbul, Turkey,
        November 11, 2018, 00:33 – REGNUM
Sailors from the Rostov region, remaining on the Streamline vessel detained in Istanbul, went on a hunger strike. The crew decided to protest without waiting for a salary, said the captain of the cargo ship Bachman Bagirov.

For five months, seafarers are not paid a salary. Appeal to all possible instances did not lead to anything. To pay off the salary debts to the shipowner – Akca Shipping company – allegedly does not allow the judicial process.

Arguments of the company – only an excuse. The head of Akca Shipping does not get in touch with the sailors, and his assistant only misleads them, Bagirov told RIA Novosti.

According to the captain, the debt to the sailors is about $ 90 thousand. The crew remains on the ship, for fear of finally losing the chances of receiving salary.

As reported REGNUMIn June, the dry cargo ship Streamline was arrested in the Istanbul port due to the debts of its former owner. The ship marching under the flag of the Comoros was under repair in Turkey.

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