Russian customers are suing H&M and VW

Many Western corporations have largely stopped doing business with Russia because of the war of aggression against Ukraine. Now some of these companies are facing a wave of lawsuits, Russian media reports. Russian lawyers wanted to sue H&M and VW, for example, because the companies no longer sell to Russian customers. This is discrimination.

The lawyer Dmitry Kachan, for example, has filed a lawsuit for damages, reports the Russian state agency Tass. He is demanding around $12,000 for the “emotional damage” he suffered from the Swedish fashion group H&M. In his online shop, goods are marked as “available” and with ruble prices – and yet he was unable to buy anything. In this and also in the closure of all branches, he sees “discrimination against all citizens of the Russian Federation”.

Russian court to hear lawsuit against H&M on June 29

A court now wants to take on the lawsuit and has scheduled a hearing for June 29, reports the Tass state agency. Lawyer Katschan will then probably argue that H&M is depriving people of essential goods for everyday use – and that this curtails the rights of those affected. The accused group has not yet publicly commented on the allegations.

Russian lawyers would also target Western and Japanese car companies, reports Der Spiegel. The organization “Vereinigte Verbraucher Initiative” (OPI) is taking legal action against VW, Mercedes and Toyota, for example. The fact that no more West cars and spare parts arrive in Russia is “illegal”. Consumers have a right to repairs, maintenance and the elimination of production errors.

According to Spiegel, when it comes to allegations against Western corporations, people are reluctant to mention that the Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered the stop to sales. This is causing ridicule on social media among Russians, who see the real problem in the Kremlin’s politics.