The Russian fighter intercepted the Ukrainian transport carrier over the Black Sea water area. This is reported in the Facebook-account of the Ukrainian Navy.

According to the representatives of the Ukrainian military fleet, on September 21 "the Russian Su-27 fighter created prerequisites for an emergency situation in the air, close to a dangerous distance from the An-26 military transport aircraft of the Ukrainian Navy, which fulfilled the planned task."

Also, the report says about the "excessive rapprochement" on September 20 of the Russian reconnaissance ship "Priazovye" with Ukrainian vessels at a distance of two cable (370 meters). According to Kiev, thus the Russian crew "grossly violated the requirements of international regulations and created an extremely dangerous situation"

On September 22, the Ukrainian command ship Donbass and the tugboat Korets, related to the Naval Forces of Ukraine, entered the exclusive economic zone of Russia off the coast of the Crimea, and on September 23, they marched under the Crimean bridge. At a safe distance they were escorted by the Coast Guard of the Border Guard Service of the Russian FSB. Ships are sent to Berdyansk to create a naval base in the Sea of ​​Azov.

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