Russian Fire Rains on Ukraine; Fear of Third World War- Ukraine Russia War | Third World War

Escalate to de-escalate, in Malayalam, ushnam ushnena shanthi. This slogan, which is the cornerstone of the Russian defense policy, is not only Ukraine but the whole world is at the peak of concern. Yes, Russia is gearing up for a culmination. As the Russia-Ukraine war, which has gripped the world for ten months, has reached its most critical stage, the fear of the third world war is resounding all over the world. Since the start of the war on February 24, 2022, Russia launched its largest missile attack on Ukraine on November 15, the first time in history that a NATO member state was also attacked. Russia is busy reviving Cold War-era bomb shelters across its country, even as the dispute over the ownership of the missile that hit Poland continues. It also provides military training to the people of the border areas. The indication that Russia is preparing for a fierce war is making Europe sweat even in the freezing winter. The next few weeks are critical for Ukraine. Russia, having completed all preparations for the winter war, will launch a heavy attack on Ukraine in the coming weeks