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Russian funds to the League, open an investigation for "international corruption": investigated Savoini

The Interior Minister comments on Facebbok: "They attack us because we have many votes and we are uncomfortable"

Some people have already been heard by the Milan Public Prosecutor in the investigation into alleged Russian funds to the League. The survey is born from the articles de L'Espresso and from the audio published on the American site BuzzFeed, with the voice of Gianluca Savoini, Northern League president of theLombardy-Russia association, which in Moscow would have dealt with some Russians to get up to 65 million dollars to the League in the context of oil-related business, but it is not known whether the agreement ever went ahead.

However, the Milan public prosecutor's office had already been in possession of audio files relating to the meeting on 18 October last in the lobby of the Metropol hotel in Moscow between Gianlica Savoini, former spokesman of the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and founder of the Lombardy-Russia association, and 5 others. Among them there would be a manager near the Kremlin, a translator and a third person of Russian origin, as well as an Italian lawyer and another Italian interlocutor. It is not yet known whether the magistrates, who investigate for international corruption, found the audio files and acquired them after having started the investigation following the journalistic investigation or if someone delivered them directly to the Procura.

"We are attacked because they are uncomfortable – "The most voted party in Europe must have nothing because they are racists, supranists, populists, they take money in Russia … zero. From Russia I have always brought matrioske, Masha and Orso for my daughter and whoever says otherwise knowing to lie ", said the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, in a live Facebook:" We are uncomfortable, we are under investigation, we are threatened: it is obvious. But I want a government that runs, that does that grows that bets on the merit, not that come back ", said Salvini.

Russia: "No interference in Italian politics" – For its part, the Russian government has declared that it is not involved in Italian politics "nor in that of other countries". A high-level Russian diplomatic source has called the accusations based on an audio file "with someone from somewhere who speaks Russian" "ridiculous".

M5s: "Investigation commission on funds all parties" – Meanwhile, the M5s has announced that "it will vote yes to a commission of inquiry into the financing of all parties, associations and associated foundations. From the Democratic Party we still await the names of the members of the inquiry commission on banks".



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