DOHA, November 4th. / Tass /. The Russian national team in gymnastics in the Doha World Championship was the third in the team event, winning two gold, three silver and two bronze medals. Both gold are in the account of Artur Dalaloyan, who brought the Russian team the first victory since 1999 at the World Championships in personal all-around.

The best in the overall standings were the Americans, who have four gold, two silver and three bronze. In second place is the Chinese team (4-1-1).

Gold Dalaloyan was the second for the Russian gymnasts in personal all-around at the world championships. The first world champion from Russia was Nikolai Kryukov, who won the tournament in 1999. Dalaloyan also became the first Russian gymnast to win two gold medals in the tournament in the new century.

No less important is the fact that another Russian Nikita Nagorny won the bronze in the all-around. “Of course, there is always something to work on, there are two more years before the Olympics, the guys will clean up the program, but everyone has noticed these two guys. They say that we have two treasures,” she said in a conversation with the correspondent. TASS senior coach of the Russian national team Valentina Rodionenko.

The 22-year-old Tiraspol-born Dalaloyan won in floor exercises, becoming the third world champion in the discipline in the history of Russian gymnastics after Alexey Nemov (1997, 1999) and Denis Ablyazin (2014).

Medialless crossbar

Dalaloyan began practicing gymnastics at the age of six in Novosibirsk, and continued, moving to Moscow, where he ended up in Dynamo. At the adult level, he debuted in 2014, and before that he had to go through including an exception from the junior national team of the country due to a violation of discipline.

He first became the champion of Russia a year ago, winning gold in personal and team all-around, and a few months later he took part in the European Championship. At the continental championship in all-around, he became the second, losing only to the Olympic champion of Rio de Janeiro, the Ukrainian Oleg Vernyayev. The following year, Dalaloyan defended his titles in personal and team all-around, and at the European Championships in Glasgow, which entered the orbit of the combined continental tournament in summer Olympic sports, he won gold in team competitions, vault and parallel bars, adding bronze in floor exercise .

In Doha, Dalaloyan was left without a medal in only one discipline – when performing an exercise on the crossbar on the final day of competition, he fell from the projectile and took the last place. However, before the crossbar on the same day he won silver in a vault and bronze on uneven bars.

Russians were left without medals in personal views

In general, the men's national team of Russia should bring the past World Cup into an asset. Dalaloyan, Nagorny, David Belyavsky, Dmitry Lankin and Nikolay Kuksenkov were second in the team all-around, losing only thousand points to the Chinese. The total result was influenced by Dalaloyan’s mistake on the uneven bars. She, according to him, made him smarter and wiser before performing in personal all-around.

Another achievement in the Doha World Cup is that the Russian men's and women's teams, thanks to silver medals in the team all-around, received Olympic licenses for the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

However, compared to the men's team, the coaches have a number of questions for the women's team, which could not win a single award in individual competitions. The main hopes for success were associated with Angelina Melnikova, who took fifth place in the all-around and became fourth in the floor exercise.

“Melnikova, unfortunately, let us down. She simply has no excuse and no reason to act like that,” Rodionenko said. For the first time after the birth of a child, Aliya Mustafina, two-time Olympic champion in exercises on uneven bars, performed at the World Championships, who helped her friends to complete the task in terms of winning Olympic licenses. On her corona she became only the fifth, but there are no complaints about her.

In women's gymnastics tournament became the triumph of the American woman Simona Biles. Four-time Olympic champion Rio won the same gold medals in Doha (in the floor exercise, vault, team and personal all-around). The American also caught up in the number of medals in the tournament (20) with Svetlana Khorkina, and in the number of gold awards she improved her record even more (14).

It should be noted, and participation in the tournament of such a unique gymnast as 43-year-old Oksana Chusovitina, for whom the world championship in Doha became the 17th in her career. A native of Bukhara, during her career, defended the colors of four teams (USSR, United Team, Germany and Uzbekistan). The Olympic champion of Barcelona, ​​the two-time world champion in the Soviet team, as well as the nine-time medalist of the World Championships in the vault jump in Doha almost won her 10th award, becoming the fourth in this exercise.


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