Russian leader condemns school shooting, killing 13, including 7 children

Russian president condemns school shooting 13 people died, more than half of them were schoolchildren. and 21 more were injured.

Today (26 September 2022) foreign news agencies reported that there was a shooting at a school in the city of Isevsk. in central Russia

Russia’s investigative commission said 13 people were killed, including seven students, two teachers and two school security personnel.

As for the suicide in the school, Most recently, the motive for the incident was unknown. and still unable to identify the perpetrator

Preliminary information indicates that The attackers wore t-shirts with Nazi symbols and headscarves and two pistols as local authorities announced their mourning until Sept. 29.

A spokesman for Russia’s presidential palace said the Russian leader condemned the brutal terror attack and urged the wounded to recover quickly.

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