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Russian League funds, Salvini: "Savoini at the table in Moscow? I didn't invite him"

"Savoini was not invited by the Ministry of the Interior", neither to Moscow, in October 2018, nor to Villa Madama in the bilateral meeting with Putin. The Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, said this on the matter of alleged Russian funds. Referring to the visit to Moscow, Salvini added: "What do I know what he was doing at the table? Ask him for it". The leader of the League also explains that he sees no problems with the establishment of committees of inquiry into party funding: "Nothing to hide".

Conte distances himself – "I don't know Gianluca Savoini" and his presence at the dinner offered by the Presidency of the Council in Villa Madama in honor of Vladimir Putin is a consequence of the fact that "all the participants of the Italy-Russia forum that had ended a few hours before were invited to the Farnesina ". Thus said the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, stressing that "I made the necessary checks, having great public responsibilities, we all have duties of transparency and therefore I wanted to explain the presence of Savoini at the dinner".

Di Maio: us rigid on the moral question – "We expect maximum transparency, we have never ended up in such stories, because we have always made everything traceable and open". This was stated by Deputy Premier and Minister Luigi Di Maio in an interview with Everyday occurrence, stressing that the M5S is rigid on the moral question. "Before Russia – he said – there had been 49 million euros disappeared and then the cases of Siri and Rixi. On the Siri case we have shown how rigid we are. And as for the 49 million, I would not have allowed the delay of the return of the money in 80 years as the Court of Genoa did. But I am not a magistrate ". Di Maio then specified: "I hope that all aspects of the story can be clarified. I know there is an audio".

Salvini: "There is a lot of imagination" – "What they do and ask others on their behalf in the evening I am not able to know, I reply to the coffers of the League", added the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to Radio I too on the Savoini case and alleged funding for the League from Russia. "When we go abroad we talk about politics and trade agreements for Italian companies. There is a lot of imagination. We are serious about … And the Russian hackers who manipulate the elections, and the oil, and the Americans …" he said.

"Good treasure hunt" – Salvini then returned to the subject: "It seems to me that for years now some prosecutors have been looking for money in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Greenland; now they are also looking for money in Russia. Best wishes, good hunting for a treasure that is not there. They investigated me for kidnapping, I can assume that a reform is needed to have a faster justice, closer to the needs of ordinary citizens, with less scandals? ", Asked the vice premier. Salvini then said he had no problem with the fact that a commission of inquiry into the financing of the parties was established: "They also do seven eight, we have nothing to hide".

No lawsuit for Savoini – With regard to the complaints announced, then, the Minister of the Interior specified that he had no intention of proceeding against Savoini but against "those who approached the League with hypotheses of corruption". And on his relations with the now investigated Northern League, he said: "I go around with hundreds of people; what they do and what they ask on their behalf I can't tell." And he added that he had never invited him to Moscow in the 2018 meeting with representatives of the Russian government: "I can produce all the documents relating to the passengers who traveled with me, dangerous people … What was Savoini doing at the table? I know, ask him I prefer to deal with serious things ".

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