13.27 Activists told the Novaya Gazeta correspondent that the police had arrived at the headquarters of the National Resistance Association (ANS). According to them, they are currently being searched there.

In Moscow, detained one of the organizers of the "Russian March" Dmitry Karasev, the correspondent of "Novaya Gazeta".

Karasev, as soon as he arrived at the Bratislavskaya metro station, took a man in civilian clothes and led him to a group of police officers who surrounded him and led him toward the exit. Later it became known about his arrest, Karasev was taken to the Meshchanskoe police station. He is in touch with Georgy Shishkov, a member of the Nation and Freedom Committee. The reasons for detention are unknown.

Recall, "Russian March" will begin at 13.00 in the Moscow district of Lyublino. The action was approved by the metropolitan authorities. Another coordinated event will be held in Shchukino.

Recall, at first, the mayor’s office refused to approve the rally in Lublin to representatives of the National Policy Institute, the Right Bloc and the Russian Human Rights League, who organized the Russian March in 2016-2017

The Russian March is an annual rally of representatives of Russian nationalist organizations and movements, which takes place on November 4, on the Day of National Unity, in various cities of Russia. In 2017, the rally was held against the backdrop of detentions across the country of nationalists and supporters of the opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev.



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