Russian Minister Lavrov: “We appreciate Algeria’s position”. Moscow strengthens ties with the country from which we will import more gas

Appreciation from the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for the position defined as “balanced and impartial” held up to now by Algeria, a country he is visiting in these hours. “We have informed our Algerian friends in detail about the progress of Russia’s special military operation together with the Donbass militias in Ukraine,” Lavrov said. “We greatly appreciate the measured, objective and balanced position that Algeria takes on Ukrainian issues in international organizations and, in general, in their foreign policy “. Lavrov then said that Russia and Algeria intend sign a document confirming the new one quality of bilateral relations. “We and Algeria are members of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries, our position is united to continue to respect the agreements, as was the case before, ”Lavrov added

Together with 34 other countries, Algeria abstained in the UN vote last March on the condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine while on April 7 he voted against the exclusion of Moscow from the Human Rights Council. The country is the second gas supplier to Italy after Russia. Through the historic Transmed pipeline wanted by Enrico Mattei, they arrive about every year 20 billion cubic meters of gas. In an attempt to reduce Italy’s energy dependence on Russia, on 11 April, the Draghi government signed an agreement with Algiers to increase supplies by 9 billion cubic meters, two to three immediately, the rest by the end of the year. Although historically close to Russia from which, among other things, it receives military supplies and training, Algeria has a solid and equally consolidated link with Rome, also favored by the “physical” link of the pipeline.

But how difficult it is to combine an extended and compact front against Moscow is also shown by the renewed relationship between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Yesterday the Saudi king Salman congratulated Vladimir Putin for the celebration of “Victory Day in which Moscow remembers the victory over the Nazis in World War II. Historically close to the US, relations between Washington and Riyadh have deteriorated in recent times and yesterday’s is only the latest of a series of demonstrations of closeness to Russia. First oil producer in the world together with the United States, and ahead of Russia, Saudi Arabia is OPEC’s heavyweight (which also includes Algeria), the organization that brings together some of the main crude oil producers in the world and which has also been extended to Moscow in the Opec + formula. The Organization does has so far opposed requests to significantly increase production of crude oil to compensate for the reduction in Russian supplies and thus calm prices.

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