Russian No. 1 may have been dead for weeks, according to the British boulevard

Russian President Vladimir Putin may be weeks or months after his death, and a double may be speaking for him in public. According to the media, sources from the British secret service MI6 speculate about this, according to which the Russians would keep Putin’s death a secret for a long time. This is another in a series of media speculations, others claiming that Putin is seriously ill and being treated for cancer.

There is speculation that the Russian president’s health has deteriorated in recent months, his face looks bloated, and observers are asking if the 69-year-old president may have leukemia, for example. According to sources, senior MI6 chiefs say the Russian president was seriously ill recently, but that his eventual death would be silenced by the Kremlin.

Maybe he’s dead možná and maybe not

Putin’s recent appearances were most likely pre-recorded, according to the Daily Mirror. It has been speculated that the president’s double may have been at the Moscow Victory Day parade earlier this month.

“Putin is very ill, and when he dies, his death will be concealed for weeks, if not months,” a secret service source told the server. “There is also the possibility that he is already dead,” he added. He also pointed out that such information could not be ascertained at this time.