Russian President Vladimir Putin on vacation. The Kremlin released the video

The Kremlin released a video of Vladimir Putin while relaxing in the Siberian taiga. The Russian president went on vacation with Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu at the beginning of September. The video shows Putin relaxing in nature. The politician was walking, fishing, camping and boating. This expedition took place after a visit to the far east of Russia in Vladivostok. This is the president’s second holiday in this place this year. Earlier, he visited the taiga in March, also in the company of Sergei Shoigu.

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bit of a sneakNow imagine Jarek in Tajga.

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Now imagine Jarek in Tajga.

And the “Polish” Mussolini? He would have died in the forest, not to mention the taiga.

But I got hooked on this movie. Action until the very end.


Pocket N …

2 days ago

Well, some boats, fish, accommodation in a tent and others rapes a cat in a villa in Żoliborz

He found a longer stick than Andrew.

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14 hours ago

a tent in the taiga and a bed in the tent, such a survival as a participant of sherpas from 100 around

Maybe some bear will attack him

psinco and sybe …

18 h ago

and what, our jarek would also be able to do it, only that we do not have distant Siberia, so for a 3-day vacation he goes in a suit and tie, and by the way, he does not have to change into a camo or even undo his tie, and trousers from good Bielsko wool what mummy bought him for him, they keep the edge after 3 nights and days.

This is the President with Eggs, not a wimpy. Nature for him is a paradise, only to congratulate him on his vitality.

Well, we got to know the name of the future President of Russia.

After the rigged elections, you can rest


a guy not to …

21 h ago

Only old age can overcome him

I would like to go fishing with the guest to get away from stupidity.


23 h ago

his place is in prison

He sleeps in a tent with a hat on, but he’s a fake.

I thought they would show that he hunted a bear with his bare hands

This is no Putin there, it’s Marian Rybka, pseudonym Łomiarz