Russian school shooting ’34 killed’… Investigation of ‘Neo-Nazi’ connection

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A shooting at a school in central Russia has killed 13 people, including students and teachers, and injured 21 others.

Following the incident at the conscription office yesterday, there was another shooting in Russia.

Cho Myung-ah is a correspondent in Paris.

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Students and teachers in uniforms rush out of the school.

Soldiers and paramedics put the shot and unconscious people on stretchers and rush them to an ambulance.

A shooting at a school in Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurtia Republic in central Russia, killed 13 people, including students, and injured 21.

[알렉산드르 브레찰로프/우드무르티야 공화국 수장]
“An unidentified person entered the school and killed a security guard. There are also victims among children.”

The shooter was identified as 34-year-old Artur Kazantzevu, a graduate of the school.

At the time of the shooting, the perpetrator was wearing a red T-shirt with the Nazi symbol on it and a mask showing only a part of his face…

Immediately after the crime, he committed suicide on the spot.

[스베틀라나 페트렌코/러시아 연방수사위원회]
“The perpetrator took his own life. He was wearing a black T-shirt and mask with Nazi symbols on it.”

The Kremlin said: “President Vladimir Putin expressed his deepest condolences to all those who lost loved ones and children in this tragic event and wished the wounded a speedy recovery.”

Investigative authorities believe the perpetrator belongs to a neo-fascist group and are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident.

This is Cho Myung-ah from MBC News in Paris.

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