Russian scientists began testing the test for patients with coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Those who have already had COVID-19, even in an asymptomatic form, can become blood plasma donors for patients. Those who have already had the disease have antibodies in it that can fight the virus.

Photo: Diego Azubel / EPA / TASS

The Genetico Center for Genetics and Reproductive Medicine has signed an agreement with the Molecular Biology Institute V.A. Engelhardt (IMB RAS) on the development of a test that allows you to identify people who have already had COVID-19, including in an asymptomatic form. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the center.

The director of the Genetico center Arthur Isaev told RBC that with the help of the test it will be possible to identify people who have been ill and have immunity so that they no longer fear the disease and return to an active life. “This is important for healthcare providers and many others who work despite the epidemic,” he said. Isaev explained that the main component of the test system is the antigens of the virus, with which antibodies to coronavirus interact. According to him, the specialists plan to produce as much antigen to make this test system available in Russia.

In Russia, they registered the determining COVID-19 in 40 minutes an express test

Grigory Efimov, involved in the development of tests, told RBC that the studies in this direction began a few weeks ago.

“So far we have developed a prototype test, and now we need to test its sensitivity and specificity. To do this, you need a certain number of volunteer samples who have been ill with the coronavirus and who have not been sick in order to understand where we have a false positive and where a false negative result. We will need to optimize the system in order to increase the sensitivity and specificity, and after that the testing will be ready to obtain a certificate. We expect to prepare documents for registration in a month, ”said Yefimov.



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