Russian submarines suddenly appear in Alaska, the United States military is shocked and doesn’t share their coordinates for their appearance to the public, what’s wrong?


Illustration of a Russian submarine equipped with a hypersonic weapon

Gridhot.ID – The United States military was taken aback by the Russian navy.

A Russian submarine suddenly appeared in waters near Alaska on Thursday (27/8) during the Russian war games, US military officials said as quoted by the Military Times.

North American Aerospace Defense Command and US North Command are currently monitoring the submarine closely as it is not yet certain why the submarine surfaced.

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“We have not received requests for assistance from the Russian Navy or other sailors from the area. We are always there to help if they run into difficulties,” said US Northern Command spokesman Bill Lewis.

Lewis refuses to provide further details regarding the appearance of the Russian submarine, including the coordinates of where it appeared.

Quoted from Military Times, Lewis only confirmed that the submarine was seen surfacing in international waters close to Alaska.

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“We are keeping close track of all ships that catch our (radar) attention, including foreign military naval vessels in the areas we are responsible for,” said Lewis, who is at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.

Lewis confirmed that the Russian Navy is currently carrying out military exercises on a fairly wide scale.

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