Russian surgeons performed a unique operation on liver

Russian surgeons performed a unique operation on

For the first time in the world, doctors rescued a patient who was diagnosed with cancer and cirrhosis at the same time

In Russia, 5-10% of patients with liver cancer have a primary stage that is not treated with chemotherapy Photo: Vlad KOMYAKOV

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In the Federal Medical Biophysical Center (BMBTs) named after A.I. Burnazyan FMBA surgeons first performed an operation on the liver, affected by cancer and cirrhosis at the same time. Specialists rescued a 44-year-old patient who had a 15-centimeter malignant tumor, affecting 82% of the body. Previously, such cases were considered hopeless.
“To a person could transfer the operation to the liver, should remain at least 30% of the body. If the liver is affected by hepatosis, fibrosis or cirrhosis, then to survive the patient should leave 35-40% of the body, “- said “Izvestia” Head of the Center for Surgery and Transplantology Voskanyan .
According to Voskanyan, liver cancer is one of the most difficult cases of malignant tumors. Primary liver tumors do not lend themselves to chemotherapy, they treat only the symptoms if they do not prescribe surgery. Such patients are most often “decommissioned,” and they are identified hundreds of times a year. Specialists from FCMC are going to share their experience with colleagues from other medical institutions both at Russian and international events.

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