Home Business Russian tuners create a truly “hot” Renault Duster: AvtoMedia: VladTime

Russian tuners create a truly “hot” Renault Duster: AvtoMedia: VladTime


Tuning workshop demonstrated the manufacturing process of a custom exhaust system for their Mega Duster project.

We decided to take on a rather non-standard project in the VC-TUNING show time workshop, during which the masters are planning to create a truly “hot” Renault Duster. They began by making a liftovannaya suspension for the crossover, thanks to which it became much more like an SUV than before.

After that, a reinforced plastic body kit with extended wheel arches and a snorkel for safe movement in water were installed on the car.

Then came the turn of improving the optics Renault Duster, and in order to make the light brighter, the mechanics supplied the crossover with an impressive LED backlight strip on the roof. At the very end of the tuning, experts saved the installation of high-quality off-road tires and the original exhaust system on the Duster instead of the boring factory exhaust.

As a result, the car received a real, rather than a decorative forked exhaust, which complemented the image of “Duster at maximum speeds” and delighted commentators on the network.

Upon completion of all the works, the master made a surprisingly small winter test drive for the surprising Renault Duster, which finally conquered the fascinated spectators. “Good work,” “Duster will not even know, in this way and on the road it will not be a shame!” – there is no limit to the enthusiasm of motorists.





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