Russia’s crazy Stalinization continues

It is impossible not to notice the similarity of these amendments to the Stalinist penal norms, including those recognizing as traitors to the homeland all who surrendered or became prisoners. It was these norms that formed the basis of the unholy memory of the Gulag, which gave way only after Khrushchev’s thaw and the disclosure of the cult of Stalin’s personality. Yes, Russia’s mad Stalinization is underway.

Let us remind you that in Israel, surrounded on all sides by outnumbered enemies and practically constantly waging war, there are norms in the army regulations that dictate that if a soldier is surrounded, he may surrender so as not to risk his own life. And if, while in captivity, he is threatened with death or torture – he can reveal all the secrets known to him. A captured soldier or officer may be traded and every effort will be made to do so, even if it means trading for the freedom of hundreds of terrorists. The information provided by prisoners can be changed and outdated quickly. But the lost human life cannot be regained.

This approach is radically different from that of the Stalin (and now Putin) regime, for which the most important feature is inhumanity. Human life is worthless, the individual is nothing, the state is everything.

In parallel to the legislative changes on September 23-27, referenda were announced in the Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts on the accession of these regions to Russia. This means, inter alia, deliberate refusal to negotiate with Kiev, which had previously warned that any attempt to hold such a referendum would make negotiations impossible.

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Of course – as evidenced not only by the adopted amendments, but also by the statements from the Duma rostrum – rumors about the possible declaration of mobilization and martial law have intensified sharply. This means that the Russian president is “raising the stakes” and escalating the conflict in the hope that his opponents will withdraw rather than take risks. Such tactics can bear fruit – but only for a while.

The Kremlin is already risking that if mobilization is announced, it will cause the greatest dissatisfaction also among quite loyal citizens who support its “special operation” but are not inclined to suffer privation personally, limiting themselves to watching it on television. Meanwhile, if these territories are recognized as part of Russia, it will be possible to send conscripts there, not just contract soldiers. In general, it is not difficult to predict the reaction of their parents: many of those who are theoretically in favor of “special surgery” will in practice do whatever it takes to prevent their children and grandchildren from going there.

However, the Duma deputies, especially the most militant ones, as well as all kinds of officials, are in no hurry to go to the trenches. They also do not send their children and grandchildren. They should start with themselves – but they, like the couch potato propagandists, categorically refuse to do so.

Source:The Moscow Times

Creation date: 20 September 2022, 19:48