Russia’s government warned that its vaccine is not entirely safe

Days after the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced the registration of the first vaccine against COVID-19, the Ministry of Health from that country shared a report in which it warns that there is still no certainty about the effectiveness of the doses and that the contraindications, due to the lack of relevant studies, are numerous.

Additionally, the drug is not advised for various demographic groups, such as those under 18, over 60, pregnant women, and people with a long list of underlying health conditions.

The Gamaleya Institute in Moscow, where the drug was developed, explained that “very frequent” adverse effects were noted in the application of the compound and, among others, it specified swelling, hyperthermia, lethargy, headaches, itching at the site of the injection, decreased appetite, diarrhea, and cold-like symptoms. Likewise, the entity stated that most of these effects were “mild or moderate”.

Furthermore, the document present in the vaccine registration certificate clarified that “it is not possible to determine with greater precision the incidence of adverse events due to the limited sample of study participants”. It should be remembered that only 38 volunteers underwent the trials in 42 days.

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The report also cautioned that the vaccine should not be given to those under 18, over 60, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or people with a variety of underlying health conditions as no research was conducted in those cases. Specifically, it alerts on the application in people suffering from chronic liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, severe diseases of the hematopoietic system, epilepsy, stroke and other diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, autoimmune diseases, lung diseases , asthma and COPD in patients with diabetes and metabolic syndrome, with allergic reactions, atony and eczema.


The European Medicines Agency, the Technical Vaccination Commission and dozens of scientists condemned Russia’s “recklessness and irresponsibility” by registering a vaccine without “solid evidence.”




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