Rusvai: The fourth wave seems more dangerous than the others

Johns Hopkins University released worldwide data on the coronavirus this morning, with 233 million infected and 4.7 million casualties claimed by the virus. The infection is still present in 192 countries.

The number of infected people in Hungary is growing rapidly, it was only around 600 at the beginning of September, but now this data has doubled – you can read on

Miklós Rusvai talked about seeing the data, he thinks they got what they expected, but if we look at the sliding average on the graph, it can be said that it will accelerate, in October we can reach the number above a thousand a day. Due to the cooler weather, respiratory diseases also come to the fore, which is why the spread of the coronavirus can be accelerated, but most importantly, more testing should be done.

According to the virologist, testing practice in Hungary is not good, doctors are reluctant to test for some reason, so it would be good to bring back the “get out” system, which allowed the testers to go home.

“Vaccination works, Hungary works!” the virologist does not fully agree with the motto, he says the statistics do not show this yet, but it would help a lot if they knew how many of the dead and those on the ventilator were vaccinated.

There are more and more cases where there is no antibody in the patient’s body even after the third vaccination, but according to the expert, this is very rare.

Regardless of these, the mask point of uncertainty is a good epidemic tool, according to doctors and experts. It should not be made mandatory yet, at the latest when the numbers rise above 500 per day. He said this could happen in the first half of October, but the data will convince people.

Nor can it be said with certainty that this wave of epidemics would be less dangerous, mainly due to the lack of statistics, but the fourth wave seems worse internationally than the others, Rusvai pointed out.