Rutshuru: suspension of demonstration against the capture of Bunagana, after the assurances of the FARDC

After the assurances of the military authorities of North Kivu, the civil society of Rutshuru suspended, on Saturday September 24, the demonstrations against the capture of Bunaga.

The president of this civic organization lifted this option after the commander of the Sokola 2 operational sector, Brigadier General Clément Bitangalo announced the resumption, within a short time, of operations against the M23.

After this exchange, Jean-Claude Bambaze announced the resumption of certain socio-economic activities in this region.

However, school activities and the payment of taxes and duties remain suspended, he said.

« This Saturday September 24 and Sunday September 25, there will be no sit-in. On Friday, September 23, Commander Sokola 2, General Clément Bitangalo arrived. He explained to the demonstrators that everything is being set up to recover all the areas under M23 control, in particular Bunagana; Of course, he didn’t say the day because that’s a military secret. But, at least it was reassuring that they would. And from this assurance, from the call of civil society at the provincial level, we judged better, to suspend a little for these two days “said Jean Claude Bambaze.

Civil society also justifies this suspension to comply with the call of provincial civil society for the two days of ghost towns decreed for next Monday and Tuesday.

The civil society of Rutshuru and the committees of displaced persons had organized a sit-in on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September in front of the office of the AT in Rutshuru.

It is to demand the resumption of the city of Bunagana, in order to allow the return of thousands of displaced people to their living environments.

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On the second day of this sit-in, Friday September 23, one person was killed and another injured by bullets fired by the police who were dispersing the demonstrators.