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Rutte: no new corona measures, but advice to air the house

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Since the number of corona infections has risen, the cabinet has been consulting weekly about the state of affairs. The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) assesses the situation every Friday.

Like last Friday. “The OMT has examined the epidemiological picture and has found no reason to recommend additional measures,” Rutte said. “So the package will remain as it is for the time being. On Friday the OMT will reassess the situation.” It will then also be reconsidered whether there are grounds for new measures.

According to outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge, the number of positive corona tests has stabilized in the past week. “The growth will not continue. At the same time, the number of positive test results is at the level of about 10,000 tests per day. That is too high. We really have to make sure that number goes down.”

Rutte emphasized that it remains important to comply with measures. He zoomed in on compliance with rules in catering establishments. “That goes well in many places, but not in too many places. The rules are hard conditions to be open.”

In addition, Rutte repeated promises made by the cabinet last Wednesday during the parliamentary debate. The measure again applies: work at home, unless there is no other option.

A fourth behavioral advice will also be added to the package of current basic measures. In addition to keeping distance, testing for complaints and washing hands, people are advised to provide sufficient fresh air.

This advice applies to shops, schools, work, catering establishments and also at home. “Make sure that fresh air flows through the house for at least fifteen minutes a day,” Rutte said.

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Mark Rutte apologized last week for a misjudgment by the cabinet regarding the relaxation at the end of June. After those relaxations, the number of infections rose rapidly.

“What we thought was possible, turned out to be wrong in practice. We made an error of judgment there, we hate that and we apologize for that,” said Rutte.

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