Rúzsa Magdi’s 5-month-old twins are different inside and out: Keve, Lujzi and Zalán are such babies – Hungarian star

Lipstick Magdi He gave birth to his children on February 1, 2022: Keve, Lujza and Zalán they are already five months old and they are increasingly showing what personalities they are.

The singer and her husband, Vilmos, made the decision not to show the tiny face to the public. On Instagram, we could only see them from behind, or we could see a small detail of them.

The children of Lipstick Magdi

However, this does not mean that they are reluctant to talk about them. Rúzsa Magdi told the Focus what the triple twins are like: the little ones couldn’t be better on the outside or the inside.

“Lujzika, for example, just like me, always has to cover her eyes with something, she can only sleep – that’s all I know, whatever I find, a towel, it has to be there in my eyes,” Zalán said aloud. He’s sure to have something to do with the sound. It’s amazing to say. She sings like that tiny, you hear her trying to follow the sounds.

– Keve, I don’t think he has a baby with a better mood. He is constantly laughing, he is constantly fidgeting, he has bugs in it. Very interesting personalities!

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When he found out he was wearing triple twins under his heart, he was convinced he would be a real paramami who overeated everything. This prophecy has not come true, of course it fears babies, but not in an exaggerated way.

“I’ve had patients, for example, and there wasn’t that much panic on my part. There are situations when I get scared for a moment, but then I react logically, nicely, slowly, with two feet on the ground.

She loves being a mother, but she also honestly told me about the difficulties. There are days that are stressful, but there is no comparison in terms of the physical part.

“I know what I’m in right now: two fall asleep, one wakes up, we go in and out of the room, someone always comes, someone always goes. The hard part is that you can’t go to bed when they’re sleeping too, because not everyone is asleep.

Lipstick is Magdi’s husband

Rúzsa Magdi and her husband have been together for better or worse for 11 years, the singer remembered their anniversary on the community side. He rarely posts about William, and there are few pictures of him.