Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock serenade Betty White for her birthday

Ryan Reynolds / Twitter

‘The Proposal’ Co-Stars Deliver Charming Rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Beloved Betty White

In case you didn’t have it locked on your calendar, today is a national holiday. the Betty White’s birthday. And not just any birthday, it’s his 98th! That’s two years away from triple digits, and if anyone deserves a sweet serenade like this, it’s her. Because Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock teamed up to wish Mrs. White a happy birthday in the best and funniest way.

This morning, Ryan Reynolds posted a video on Twitter in which he and Sandra Bullock sing to his co-star from The proposal . The clip begins with Bullock singing Happy Birthday to the iconic actress before the camera switches to Reynolds to take the baton and continue the song.

While Bullock strongly suggests that she loves White more than Reynolds does, he goes off on his own tangent by sharing exactly how he makes sure White has a perfect birthday every year.

What does Sandy do for you every year? he asks. Does he like it, show up and hand you the flowers wearing nothing but black socks and a dozen gold bangles, just like you asked? I doubt. Then he breaks down crying.

In case you forgot (or live under a rock), these three funny and beautiful people starred in the 2009 romantic comedy. The proposal . Bullock plays a tyrannical Canadian executive in the book publishing industry who is told he will face deportation from the US for an expired visa. Reynolds is Bullock’s character’s lackey assistant, who goes from fetching coffee to messing with a fake fiancé in order to save his boss’s bully. White plays Annie, the grandmother of Reynolds’ character, and she is an absolute delight.

As for Ryan Reynolds, trolling his loved ones on their birthdays seems to be one of his favorite hobbies. Every year for Blake Lively’s birthday, she finds a way to make us all laugh in her social media posts. Like last year when he only posted photos of his hot wife looking less than her best in their loving tribute.

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Happy birthday, @blakelively.

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And let’s go back to the year before, when he shared a photo of Lively with her entire character fully cut out.

Last month, when asked where he got the idea of ​​becoming a Troll Master, he said Live! With Kelly and Ryan that the idea was inspired by his father. It’s like what my father used to say: ‘If you can’t say something nice, say something embarrassing,’ he said. So that’s how we move.